Cope with dating an airman

On the night of July 26, 2013, Airman First Class Jane Neubauer was on a beach in Biloxi, Mississippi having a few drinks and hanging out with friends when she got a text inviting her to a party.

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With her open Midwestern face and winsome smile, it was easy for her to get into conversations. The night started in the kitchen where she played flippy cup and drank beer while the other partiers hung around smoking weed.

Bored after a few rounds, she wandered into the living room where she wound up “talking to some dude about Dr. If it wasn’t for what happened next, Neubauer adds, that nerdy talk about Dr.

Who would’ve been the night’s most memorable moment.

“He walked in and I remember saying, get the fuck out,” Neubauer says.

She had seen him briefly at the party, and could tell he wasn't in the Air Force, though she'd never met or spoken with him before. Humberto Morales, vice commander of OSI, confirmed that Neubauer had worked as an informant for OSI and that she was currently under investigation. 27, Air Force Public Affairs stated that OSI gave Neubauer a verbal order to cease her work as an informant on July 25, 2013, the day before she says that she was raped while working undercover.

“He was tall,” she says, “I had to look up at the ceiling to actually look at his eyes. Officially, the Air Force is not disputing Neubauer’s account. Neubauer, for her part, says that since the rape OSI has placed her under constant investigation for unspecified crimes, and has repeatedly threatened that she could be court martialed. It was the first time anyone from the Air Force had claimed that Neubauer was dropped from the informant program.

He had sandy brown hair, short but not like a military cut.” According to Neubauer, the man closed his hand around her throat and told her that he knew who she was and where she lived and that he knew she’d been working as an informant. But “she is under investigation” for falsifying the report of her sexual assault, Air Force spokesman Lt. After receiving the statement that Neubauer had been terminated on July 25, I asked OSI to provide the original documentation that would verify this and explain why OSI had decided to stop working with her.

No documentation was provided but on Friday, February 28 Colonel Morales sent an official statement on behalf of Air Force OSI, that reads in part: “AB Neubauer last met with AFOSI personnel on 25 July 2013, at which time she was instructed to cease operational activities and focus on her training.

On 27 July 2013, AB Neubauer reported that she was sexually assaulted the previous evening.

In light of the necessary investigative activities, her status as a victim, and after review by local AFOSI commander, AFOSI ended her role as a confidential informant on 7 August 2013.”For her part, Neubauer flatly denies OSI’s account.

She says that she was told to cease her informant duties only after she was raped when her OSI agents learned what had happened to her.