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The firms listed in the copyright table are assessed on their capabilities across advisory, transactional and litigation matters.

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Similar disputes exist in the music area, where internet radio service Pandora Media has continued its litigation over royalty rates.In addition to these and other headline-grabbing first impression cases, there is also a large volume of more traditional copyright work that keeps practices busy.The patent litigation: full coverage ranking features firms with strong, demonstrable expertise in handling patent infringement cases at both trial and appellate level, and with an active presence before the specialist forums of the International Trade Commission (ITC) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).The number of cases filed has remained steady over 2015, with an increasing emphasis on inter partes reviews as a crucial part of defense litigation strategy; this, along with the increased number of post-Alice motions concerning patentable subject matter, has resulted in the continual decrease in the volume of claims filed by non-practicing entities.Competitor cases remain prevalent nonetheless, with major companies increasingly seeking protection and enforcement of their patent rights, and the market has seen a significant number of Hatch-Waxman cases related to the production and marketing of generic drugs.

The hi-tech, pharmaceuticals and medical devices sectors remain the key areas of focus within this space.

The patent litigation: International Trade Commission table features a mix of IP boutiques and full-service firms that have a strong wealth of knowledge regarding the ITC’s regulations and procedures and are thus best equipped to handle investigations within this forum.

Despite the drop in matters brought to the ITC following the decline of the high-profile smartphone wars, the Commission continues to receive a steady stream of multiple-respondent and competitor cases, both of which have kept the docket busy.

The issue of whether products covered by process patents are admissible to the ITC is a matter of ongoing debate.

The patents: portfolio management and licensing table covers firms with outstanding expertise in managing and monetizing patent portfolios for domestic and international clients in the US and around the world.

This includes firms with strong capabilities in preparing and negotiating licenses, patent acquisitions and sales, joint development agreements and other collaborations.