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Determine when you want your balance to be paid off and pay a set amount every month to achieve that goal.Student loans generally have this plan in place already.

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Basically, you combine all of your balances on to one bill.

Get rid of extra credit cards so that you’re not tempted by them sitting in your wallet with a high limit of available credit.

When consolidating your debt, look for special student rates.

Many students go through college not realizing how much money they’re spending.

You can easily rack up a hefty amount of debt, just by charging a little here and there.

Lots of students don’t take their credit card balances very seriously. Your credit card payment and student loan payment has to be made on time, every time.They look at the minimum amount due and blow it off as just a small bill to pay. Late payments can stay on your credit report for years.Even worse, they may not even consider this minimum amount as pressing, paying their regular utilities and other bills first. Late fees are tremendous and your interest rate can go through the roof after one late payment on a credit card.Suddenly that great deal that you signed up for is gone and you’re stuck paying the maximum amount of interest and late fees on an ever-growing balance. Show some restraint when you need to use your credit card. Only use it for real emergencies and make every effort to come up with cash before you decide that you have to use your credit card.If you take out a student loan, only take out the amount that you need.Call and set up an automatic payment plan with your creditors.