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There's a million sites with a million travel tips, so I won't even try to imply that I know what the Rick Steves of the world have worked so hard to figure out.However, I do fly around a lot and I have for many years.I'm a geek, I like tools and I solve problems in my own niche way.

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I just narrowly avoided a REALLY bad situation in Chicago (ORD) a few minutes ago where six flights to New York's LGA airport had cascading delays.

My 3pm flight was now at 6pm which would have had me arriving into New York at 9pm!

Considering I have a 9am talk, that could be disastrous. #1 Take Action at the first sign of trouble Always have the # of the airline (or their preferred line). Use a service like to keep all your travel details in one place.

For example, today I called United from my phone the second I saw the delay appear on the board.

I also go in line at Customer Service, but I had a person on the phone well before the line moved.

#2 Know the schedule Don't just know the schedule for your airline, or for your flight.

Know and print out ALL the flights going to your destination the day you're traveling.

This provides you power as you'll know what parallel flights are leaving before the other travelers, even before the flight personnel.

I use from my phone to stay on top of flights while on the go.

Knowing other airlines' schedule is useful because when mechanical difficulty cancels a flight you can insist that Airline #1 move you to Airline #2 if it's totally clear that there's no other way to get you to your destination on #1.

Last flight I was on United had a mechanical difficulty and completely canceled my flight.