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He is a board member of Colorado Distance Learning Association.

We will incorporate activities that you can apply to different contexts to help you design solutions that will work for your audience.

You will learn skills not only to help you address problems optimistically, creatively, and efficiently, but also to stimulate and facilitate creative problem solving in teams.

designs and deploys prototype solutions to address our campus’ complex teaching and learning problems.

Abstract: Pundit Showdown is a hilarious panel game show where four lucky contestants engage in a battle of wits and rhetoric to tackle questions from the audience related to higher education, academic technology, and all things COLTT.

The host, David Thomas, poses the same question to each contestant and then awards (or deducts!

) points based on the intellectual rigor of their what makes the audience giggle!At the end of each round, the lowest scoring contestant is dropped until we reach a one-on-one, winner-takes-all, Defend the Indefensible Final Showdown.Bio: David Thomas is the Director of Academic Technology at CU Online supporting the 13 schools & colleges of CU Denver since 2002.His responsibilities cover the selection and management of the technology used in the delivery of online and face-to-face classes.His team provides critical support to faculty that use digital technology to teach.As an academic, he has a Ph D in architecture and planning, with a scholarly focus on games, digital media, and what makes places fun.