Clive worth internet dating

Clive Worth, the master of Internet dating and sex, swiftly takes you to his bedroom and beyond as he applies his expert techniques on some of the world's most stunning women, some even less than half his age!

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Continuing on from his books A Serial Shagger's Guide to Internet Dating and Internet Dating King's Diaries, Clive graphically reveals what people used to do in bars and with classified ads are now doing through Internet dating.

If want more sex through Internet encounters, then you're looking in the right place; this book is filled with more steamy erotica than on the top shelf at your local newsagent!

Some may say this is tasteless drivel and simply aimed at those seeking an Internet date that leads to sex and Internet hook-ups.

Certainly the listener gets a true account of what really goes on with Internet dating and plenty of graphic and exciting erotic frissons that will have you panting for more.

Forget the endless lists of tips and tricks for successful seduction..lands on its feet running.

Clive spills over with unbridled sex stories, and lays bare the secret sex fantasies of his online dates along with his most shockingly intimate secrets.These stories directly from the Internet Dating King's own sexploits will keep you hooked and shouting out for more.©2011 Clive Worth (P)2016 Clive Worth Report Inappropriate Content If you find this review inappropriate and think it should be removed from our site, let us know.This report will be reviewed by Audible and we will take appropriate action.Cancel You can now follow your favorite reviewers on Audible.When you follow another listener, we'll email* you a copy of any new reviews they write.