Christian parents guide dating

Make up your mind that you will not go with anyone who violates God's command against the unequal yoke.

Make up your mind that you will not allow yourself to become involved with anyone your parents disapprove of.

Make up your mind that you will not consider anyone who will encourage you to compromise your Biblical convictions, violate your Biblical vows or hinder your Christian service.

Therefore, when she got to college she resolved that she would only go with men who were called to the mission field. Before you ever go out you must make up your mind where you will go.She kept that resolve despite many attractive invitations. You must determine never to go anywhere you or your Biblical convictions are likely to be compromised. I do not want to imply that all or even most Christian couples are planning immorally, but in the right circumstances many will be prone to it.At Bible College, God gave her a definite call to go to New Guinea, From that time on, she restricted her interest only to men called to New Guinea, a very slender group in a small Bible College. She met her husband at college at the Missionary Prayer Band when they discovered that they were both praying for the same field. Joy and power radiate from their lives and ministry! Dr, Don Green says, "One of the most beautiful and romantic things on earth is a young couple, deeply in love with each other and united in an adventure to serve God by faith. "But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof." Rom. I knew of a situation in which one couple on the double date served as a lookout for the other.Convictions are a set of Biblical guidelines, beliefs, and standards that guide the conduct.If you have had nominal Christian up bringing, and especially if you are saved, and have received some Bible teaching, you have some convictions.

You have some innate or natural insight into what is right and wrong, and your convictions cause you to lean strongly toward what is right. You must examine your convictions, before you ever get serious about anyone of the opposite sex.

Your convictions make your conscience sensitive to right and wrong. No doubt, if YOU have received any kind of Biblical training and teaching, you already have enough convictions to keep you out of serious trouble.

Before you ever get involved with anyone of the opposite sex, you must decide what you are going to do and how far you are going to go before marriage.

Having decided that, you must be willing to submit yourself to a program that will enable you to deepen your God-given convictions. We have already given the Biblical guidelines on this point.

If you think you can do it alone, you are deceiving yourself about one of the most important times of your life! Remember, under the section we covered on the "Unequal Yoke.

" It is easier to define who not to go out with, than it is who to go with.