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(image source: UIb) China’s economic boom has led to an increased number of millionaires, and also to new developments in matchmaking.Now, those with the funds but without the time because of demanding jobs can easily find a company that will find their soul mate – provided they’re willing to pay the rather large price tag!On behalf of their clients, these new modern matchmakers search popular hangouts of the young for potential love interests.

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(But if you’re still interested, you can learn how to say that phrase and more using Integrated Chinese!) One Chinese dating agency put their three bachelor clients on a billboard to advertise their extreme level of availability, at the bargain price of 50,000 RMB each per month.(source: C) Love hunters for millionaires can potentially make a lot of money if they find the perfect match – but what if you’re a concerned parent and don’t have the money to hire a matchmaker? Simply head to the Temple of Heaven in Beijing and you’ll find a whole market for matchmaking.In American society today, finding your significant other can be as easy as going online.Internet dating sites can be found that meet anyone’s needs, whether they be religious, hobby-based or anything else you can think of!

In contrast, potential lovebirds in China often take a more traditional route and use a matchmaker.While rooted in tradition, the roles and techniques of these matchmakers have changed considerably over time.Changing times and modernization has meant that Chinese citizens do not always stay in the town or city they grew up in and often move away.Living far from home has its consequences, one of which is not being able to call on family or community members who would traditionally arrange a marriage with someone else in the same area at an early age.These arranged marriages have become much less common, but many Chinese singles still feel a great pressure to marry by a certain age and seek out the help of a modern matchmaker.The TV dating show "If You Are the One," in which men have 20 minutes to sell themselves to 24 female guests, have become wildly popular, spawning similar programs on television stations across the nation in China.