is nicole scherzinger still dating lewis hamilton 2016 Chichi dating goku

It feels like Chi-Chi forced herself on Goku (Probably how their sons came to be).

He never really seemed interested in her, even after they were married (and Goku didn't even know what he was getting into anyways). Not once have I ever seen Goku be affectionate to Chi-Chi.

Their marriage is just something I really disliked.

Also it might be filler but Goku and Chi Chi kiss at Kame house after Goku gets better from the virus and goes to Vegeta to tell him about the HBTC.

Their love is there man just like Vegeta's and Bulma's but we dont see that either.


This community expresses the most dedicated of all Goku and Chichi fans, hopefully keeping you wishin' on your Dragon balls for more!

Hopefully, this'll be an EPIC place for everyone to just chill and let their imaginations go wild! But when he returns, expecting her welcoming arms, the truth hits hard, so hard it almost brings the destruction of planet Earth...[Complete] Mirai timeline. Chi chi has died, been riencarnated now living a normal life without a clue as to what happened to her in her past life. AU: After Chi-chi mysteriously vanishes, Goku tries his best to raise Gohan alone. Goku and Chi-Chi are getting ready to go out for dinner, when Goku notices something that really bothers him.

Take a deep breath, 'cause you're gonna be swept away by Chichi and Goku! Now this couple must get through everyday life after realizing that love is not their strong hold. A lover's final farewell is a bitter, yet important, conclusion to the end of a relationship torn apart by death. not even all the power Goku's has isn't enough to get her back. Will they ever be reunited under normal circumstances or will the very world they share vanish before they could test fate? How will Chi Chi and Goku cope with getting to know one another as husband and wife? If you are reading this then it means you are currently browsing the forum as a guest, we dont limit any of the content posted from guests however if you join, you will have the ability to join the discussions!We are always happy to see new faces at this forum and we would like to hear your opinion, so why not register now?It doesnt take long and you can get posting right away.Of course they had two sons together but I dunno...