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But since you have asked this question specifically, I assume you are a south Indian. You can then assimilate this information and know what is required to date a north Indian girl. You should be having similar interests and knowledge of north Indian cultures and their customs(btw, there are thousands of cultures).And by the way, if you are infact a south Indian, I don't understand why you would specifically want a north Indian.

Hang around Satyam and Escape and you may find someone (yes. If you are a south Indian who doesn't know Hindi, I'd rather you give up right now or learn to speak Hindi.

you have to, if you don't have any mutual north indian friends). Scan all KFCs and Mc Donalds in the Anna nagar, Adyar, Besant nagar areas,etc...

I am good-looking, fit, earn a good salary, and have a pleasing personality but am single.

Its Chennai, there are many places to visit for a date and it varies according to your budget.

Since you have mentioned the low budget date, the best place is BEACH and there are many beaches like elliots, bessy, marina, thiruvanmyur , ecr.

And the next expedient option would be the hotchpotch of movie and beach/park.Movie can be watched in Sathyam, Citi Centre, EA, Phoenix etc.and can move to Guindy park for the next half of date or vice versa.And the third option would be taking her to a mall, if she pays for her shopping, taking into account that its a low budget date ;) .If you are out of options, simply take her to mahapalipuram.If you are from north India, the only factor is to find someone, and the rest is the usual. Basically you should have a complete understanding of different cultures.