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, the expectation of what a dude is supposed to look like when he takes is shirt off is just so high,” Hunnam explained in the interview.

In contrast to the classic tale, Hunnam’s Arthur has certain gritty element to him.Luckily for Hunnam, his past role as Jax Teller on makes him a perfect fit for the edgier version of King Arthur.With that actor certainly not lacking anything the physical department, his portrayal of the English legend is definitely something fans will not want to miss., Charlie Hunnam works hard to stay in tip top shape.For Hunnam, this doesn’t mean maintaining one look, but constantly adapting to whatever the role requires.

With that in mind, what’s the secret to his success?

For starters, the that staying in shape isn’t easy.

It takes dedication and a lot of work to maintain a buff look.

While some may think actors have it easy in this department, Hunnam shared how he has to get workouts in despite an incredibly busy schedule..

However, the acclaimed director wanted Hunnam to work on his body because he needed Hunnam “to show up looking like a man capable of saving the world.” In order to accomplish this, Hunnam had to up his game in the gym, all the while working long hours for Kurt Sutter.

While he could have easily blamed del Toro for his added workload, Hunnam placed the blame solely on the shoulders of Brad Pitt.