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events/268379029919765/Tuesday May 22nd- Elizabethtown, NC //Day Off @ Jones Lake State Park w/Hot Dogs in the Bank/Swimming With the Fishes/3 Hour Ghost Story Wednesday May 23rd- Aiken, SC// HIC Warehouse Indoor Skateboard Park w/ Burns Like Fire, Your Favorite Hero, Cloak and Dagger Dating Service Thursday May 24th- Savannah, GA// No Control w/Sins of Godless Men + more tba!

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Something fabric, soaking up stagnant angst in a puddle of blood. I am the barely operating portion of this orphan fist.

I got the fists of a man with crippled hands and rings that cut the nerves. The kites in the tree again..thing i tied chainsaws to it.

What a mythical fistfull filling up treasure chests, with hounds and starving them all. The more rings in a tree gives more meaning to paper thin in reference to you, and the composite board of a body you own, and the numeric pain of a niner you hone. Left alone in swamps my memories prune, and marinate in snake venom..not to cause you pain, venom so that i know your touch, and avoid this time portal fiasco. The ones who know the words but bite their tongues like pitbulls do children you're the murderers, and I'm a murderer, and I've been a murderer since i was i'll commit myself to train tracks with wet cement.

The fall of mankind in rewind has a table of contents from blood to blood to blood to blood. Kissing a hawk does not just give soothing comfort without pain. Well don't you want to speak in voices more than soundbites?

Reveal the sinking pasture untill rebel horses gather. Don't you want to be the voice that says I'm free?

I bet you crossed paths with ancient bastards screaming "Hit me I'm the fastest man to pull a trigger in this small town." Now I'm ready to not be here anymore. Don't you want to hang from clouds but not hang yoursel?Oh I'm a little bit of you but i'm a whole lot of me. Sick of filling in for surgeons when the emergency is me. Mon 11 Akron, OHTues 12 Columbus, OHWed 13 Fort Wayne, INThurs 14 Chicago, ILFri 15 Champaign/Urbana, ILSat 16 St.My pants are rolled up so i can wade in your blood. I'll stand on a cardboard stump and lose the attitude. Living long enough to see your blood quench thirst. There wasn't much we could do with the pair of paws we carved out from history. And i'll let you run, but i won't let you get that far. Give up on strengthing your shadow when the light is on your neck. Bid on dead eels (what a pain in my neck) so we can swim all night. The pallets were stacked too high and you just burned like a bonfire. Buckshot in my left front pocket- it's moody, it's shifty, it's prouder than i'll ever be, and that's the thing with me and you i'm pushing sixty, you're just a bitter boy. The secret is out: America's most productive dairy cows can now be bred to the world's best bulls, thanks to an international dating service for dairy cattle. representative to INTERBULL since its beginning in 1983 and serves on its board of directors."INTERBULL—The International Bull Evaluation Service—is like a consumer report that objectively rates bulls raised worldwide, based on an extensive list of important quality standards," says Agricultural Research Service geneticist Rex L. He works at the Animal Improvement Programs Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland. "The United States is the world's top exporter of bull semen, with sales of about million a year," he says. Headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden, INTERBULL boasts 34 member countries.