Catholic dating prayer

This touching prayer for those in the armed services emphasizes the spiritual, rather than the physical, dangers of war, because physical death is powerless to kill the soul, but sin can deprive us of Heaven.

There are more Catholics than at any time in history, but vocations to the priesthood and religious orders are lagging far behind.

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Saint Paul tells us that we should "pray without ceasing" (1 Thessalonians ) yet in the modern world, it sometimes seems that prayer takes a back seat not only to our work but to entertainment.

As a result, many of us have fallen out of the habit of daily prayer that characterized the lives of Christians in centuries past.

Yet an active prayer life is essential to our growth in grace and our advancement in the Christian life.

Learn about the different types of Catholic prayers, including novenas, litanies, the Rosary, and chaplets.

Discover prayers for every season, including Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter.

Find prayers written by saints, and prayers to the saints, as well as prayers to Christ and the Mother of God, and learn when to use each kind of prayer.

We often hear the Name of Jesus spoken casually, at best, and even in anger and blasphemy.

Through this Act of Reparation, we offer our own prayers to make up for the sins of others (and, perhaps, our own, if we find ourselves uttering Christ's Name in vain).

The life of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, the patron of youth, is a strong example of virtue for young men.

This prayer acknowledges the trials and tribulations that young men face and asks Saint Aloysius to intercede for them. Thomas More as the patron saint of lawyers, asking him to pray to God for the grace to rise to the highest standards of that profession.

The final verse can also be prayed by itself as a prayer to St. This beautiful prayer can help an engaged couple get into the habit of praying together before their wedding day, as they ask for the graces to build their lives together and to welcome children into their marriage.