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) is the national association football team of Albania and it has represented the Albanian nation since 1946.

Albania was the winner of the 1946 Balkan Cup and the Malta Rothmans International Tournament 2000, but had never participated in any major UEFA or FIFA tournament, until UEFA Euro 2016, Albania's first ever appearance at the continental tournament and at a major men's football tournament.

Albania scored their first ever goal in a major tournament and secured first ever win in European Championship when they beat Romania by 1–0 in a UEFA Euro 2016 match on 19 June 2016.

Although it never played any matches, the Albanian national football team existed before the Albanian Football Association was created in 1930.FSHF was founded on 6 June 1930, and in, Albania joined FIFA (during the congress 12 June – 16 June).Albania played its first international match against Yugoslavia in 1946 which ended in a 3–2 home defeat at Qemal Stafa Stadium.In 1946, Albania also participated for the first time in Balkan Cup in which Albania won by beating Romania 1–0 in the final.In 1954, Albania was one of the founding members of UEFA.Albania waited until 1962 to compete in a Euro Cup competition and the only time Albania was between the best 16 teams of the Continent, the reason being Albania got past the first leg as Greece, for political reasons forfeited the game.