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Generally, campfires are built when lacking resources to make a Fire Pit or when camping in a location that is not meant to be permanent, e.g.

wandering away from the main base once it is established.

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The different stages can be observed by the growing flames and by examining the fire.

Adding too much fuel to a Campfire can cause nearby Trees, Grass, Saplings, or any other flammable objects to catch fire, which can start large forest fires in a Forest biome.

This danger can be averted by building away from other flammable objects, or opting for the Fire Pit.

A Campfire is a key to basic survival in the world.

It provides Light, Heat and allows Food to be cooked.

It requires 3 Cut Grass and 2 Logs to create and is available from the beginning of the game.It is cheaper than a Fire Pit in terms of resources, but also less efficient, as it can not be re-lit. It provides light and heat, allows food to be cooked, and is a contained, 'safer' fire than a Campfire (it will not set surrounding objects on fire).The fuel will burn twice as fast, it is more susceptible to Rain, and in a sense, it is less safe, as it may set nearby flammable objects on fire. It requires 2 Logs and 12 Rocks to craft and, like the Campfire, is available from the beginning of the game.It is a permanent structure, unlike Campfires, and can be re-lit by putting fuel in it.A Fire Pit is also more efficient than a Campfire, as the fuel will last 2 times longer, and it is less susceptible to Rain.It drops no Ashes when it burns out, but destroying it will.