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"A more efficient legal system reduces overcrowding in detention facilities, diminishes unnecessarily long detainee processing, increases lawful arrests – actions which, in turn, build trust and confidence within the populace," said Schellack.

Helping the Go I move forward on these efforts can be daunting, especially as it continues to combat deteriorating, albeit deadly, extremist violence.

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PRT-B has taken the lead on long-term legal capacity building, such as physical infrastructure and curriculum development, while MND-B priorities center more on immediate activities."Our role is primarily concerned with the initial stages in the legal process," said Schellack.As such, the Rule of Law team is involved with judicial security and coordination with local judicial investigators to ensure the basic elements of Iraqi due process are followed as evidence or suspects enter the legal systems. The Rule of Law team supports the government of Iraq and Provincial Reconstruction Team – Baghdad with modernizing the Iraqi legal system so that it is a sustainable part of the current legal infrastructure, respects the historical context, and is accepted by the culture. Lorraine Januzelli Multi-National Division - Baghdad CAMP LIBERTY, Iraq – The legacy befits a nation within the cradle of civilization: Iraq's legal system stretches back more than 3,500 years. Keith Schellack is an Army lawyer assigned to the Rule of Law Team, 4th Infantry Division, Multi-National Division – Baghdad.

The tradition survived these millennia through the Code of Hammurabi, a legal compilation inscribed into basalt tablets dating back to approximately 1792 B. The ancient tablets are permanently displayed in the Near East Antiquities Collection at The Louvre in Paris.They describe, in elaborate detail, the prevailing criminal and civil laws of ancient Babylonia covering slavery, professional, commercial, agricultural and administrative law and family law.Since Babylonian society centered on the family, the longest entries concern issues such as engagement, marriage and divorce, adultery and incest, children, adoption and inheritance, even the duties of children's nannies.Despite eons of social and political change, Iraq's legal system remains largely rooted in the Code of Hammurabi, said Capt. Keith Schellack, lawyers assigned to the Rule of Law team, 4th Infantry Division, Multi-National Division – Baghdad.Most recently, Iraq's legal system languished during Saddam Hussein's reign; however, it is being restored and updated by the government of Iraq with the assistance from the Provincial Reconstruction Team – Baghdad and with support from MND-B's Rule of Law team. "As the security situation improved, it allowed the Go I to shift focus toward its legal issues and infrastructure," explained Schellack.According to Obringer and Schellack, improving the legal status quo reaps numerous benefits that reinforce the increasing stability within Baghdad – a primary goal of MND-B's mission here.