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All rights reserved © Relaxing Photo taken at Caribou coffee place with a great book and delicious chocolate cooler drink that is like a Frappinco that I enjoy at Starbucks at Barnes N Noble or other Starbuck coffee places.

The Assassination of Jesse James by the coward Robert Ford by Ron Hansen.

First published in 1983 and now out in paperback with the movie being released .

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Sam Rocwell, Paul Schneider, Sam Shepard and James Carville are the supporting actors. He never used bad language in front of his wife or two children. Photo taken during my trail time with the Cannon Powershot but stil saving for the higher end digital in the future.

The novel is very close to the facts of Jessie James. Keeping the little spy digital as it sure comes in handy.

# suffered its darkest day yesterday as MPs and peers were suspended for alleged misconduct and the Commons faced an exodus of shamed and demoralised Members.

MPs caught up in the expenses scandal admitted that they could be dropped by their local parties.

Others were said by colleagues to be ready to walk away.

Some who have been unaffected declared that the attractions of life as an MP had disappeared.

It was the grimmest time that most could remember, with many still fearful about future disclosures and none able to raise enthusiasm for immediate concerns such as the European and local elections.

As the police were asked to investigate for fraud, yesterday’s developments engulfed MPs, peers and the Speaker: Gordon Brown suspended a former minister who claimed £16,000 in expenses for a mortgage he had paid off; Related Links Justice Minister’s expenses ‘were highest' Proving fraud by MPs would be hard Row could cost MPs their careers A senior David Cameron aide resigned after claiming tens of thousands of pounds in second-home expenses on a London property that his wife, also a Conservative MP, designated as her main home; Two Labour peers were recommended for suspension from the Lords — the first since Oliver Cromwell’s time in the 1640s — after accusations that they had shown themselves willing to change laws in return for cash; Authority drained away from Michael Martin, the Speaker, after the Liberal Democrats effectively withdrew their support and MPs prepared to table a no-confidence motion.

To add to Mr Brown’s woes, a select committee has accused Lord Myners, his City minister, of incompetence over his handling of the pension of former bank chief Sir Fred Goodwin.

Party strategists warned Mr Brown that unless the gap with the Tories was closed swiftly, fundraising for the next election would be virtually impossible.

A You Gov poll for the Sun showed Labour at its lowest ever level — 22 per cent.