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Most often associated with Indian and Pakistani food, tandoor ovens are also used in Bukharian cooking.

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The Bukharians, who immigrated mostly from Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, interact constantly with their Queens neighbors, who include Asians, Hispanics and African Americans.

Positive relations with local Muslims, many of whom also arrived from Central Asia, are a source of pride.

Interfaith events include a Muslim-Jewish health fair where doctors offer free basic tests. Zoya Maksumova, referring to past anti-Semitism in Central Asia.

“Jews and Muslims are nice people who want to work hard and live good lives.

We have good relationships here, and we are very proud of this.” In Queens, 108th Street is commonly referred to as “Bukharian Broadway,” with good reason.

Bukharian restaurants line the street, attracting Bukharian and non-Bukharian diners alike.On any given night, restaurants such as King David and Da Mikelle are filled with Bukharians celebrating weddings or remembering lost family members by lighting Stix, a popular restaurant in Forest Hills, serves traditional, homemade Bukharian food like lagman noodle soup, samsa meat pastries and steamed mantu dumplings.Stix also attracts a diverse clientele of non-Bukharians who enjoy the delicious kebabs for which the restaurant is named.(Courtesy photo) Music is vital to Bukharian culture, and some of the greatest performers of Central Asian classical music live, perform and teach in New York.“In the old days, the emir of Bukhara would have the best singers in his court singing traditional music, and most of those singers were Bukharian Jews,” says lawyer Boris Nektalov.Shashmaqam melds musical influences from Jewish and Muslim cultures, combining instrumental melodies and poems set to music.