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Arrange airport transportation ahead of time or use one of the booths. Why rent a car when you have public transportation heading in almost every feasible direction, thousands of readily available taxis and a very walking-friendly city?!

I have received more sub-par haircuts in Buenos Aires than anywhere else in the world because I still think a haircut should cost dollars.

My name is Jed, but I don’t need the mullet to match.

Do, however, get a proper straight razor shave in Buenos Aires on the Man Tour.

With so many top 10 things to do in Buenos Aires lists, best of Argentina articles and travel forums full of thousands of recommendations, let’s change things up a bit with the complete opposite.

In any city there are tourist traps and things Argentina travel veterans know not to do. –Do not under any circumstances exchange currency at the airport booths.

It is bordering on robbery with exchange rates well below the official rate.

You automatically get the official rate when withdrawing from an ATM.

You could get an even better rate by bringing cash USD, Euros or Sterling and exchanging at a cueva (underground exchange house) with caution.

If you must get some pesos at the airport go to either the Banco Nacion bank or use your debit card at the airport ATM.

–Avoid taking a random taxi from Retiro bus/train station, EZE international airport, the Buque Bus port station and national airport Jorge Newberry (AEP).

These 4 locations are notorious for having dishonest cab drivers that run scams.