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So I dated a girl for about 2 years a couple years ago.Things ended as amicably as they could but she was distraught.I dumped her since I was no longer felt the attraction and felt we regressed to friends.

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Anyways, fast forward to now and a close friend of mine told me he is attracted to her and asked me if it's alright if he pursues her. It seems kind of selfish of me to say she is off limits to anyone including my friends, especially since I don't even intend to keep contact or recreate anything with her.

That said, I believe in bro code and I personally would never pursue a buddy's ex, especially if they dated for a long period of time.

It is a bit easier since I ended it and not her, but still inately something seems a little off for me.

Regardless, I just gave the guy the go ahead because this is all rather insignificant and I am glad I broke up with her since I met my current g/f shortly thereafter, who is a better girl for me.

Just wanted to know the opinion of some other guys here and their view on bro code.

Cliffs: Buddy wants to date ex girlfriend of 2 years who I dumped 2 years ago Bro code?Always thought if they dumped me, bro code applies (i.e. If I dumped them, then I really don't care if my friends persue.I personally could never go after a friends ex, I would picture my buddy banging her and it would turn me off completely.They say a wise man knows nothing, so I know a lot less But I been where you at homie, put to the test The answer lies deep within, so open your chest And find God within yourself and he'll show you the rest Always thought if they dumped me, bro code applies (i.e. If I dumped them, then I really don't care if my friends persue.The code set by all bro's alike that they don't:1.) bitch and fight over some bitch.2.) date their fellow bros' ex's (if he's over her or not.)3.) whatever the hell other rules they wanna add to the list.Basically, a set definition to the "Bro's before Hoes" saying.