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You'd never be able to fill it, and there's nobody else there to take a turn in pushing it when you need a break or want to stroll off and squeeze some tomatoes.

And it's always a basket, there's no fun in a trolley any more.

Share to: Reality television personality Amber Portwood has ... dating back to 1907, today's UPI is a credible Are Bret Michaels and Amber Lake dating? "Well, I suppose I've got to eat," you'll murmur yourself as you plod, zombified, from aisle to aisle with your basket slamming against your knee.

It leads to cooking together, sampling a glass of wine and saying "Ooh, that was nice - we'll buy that again". Venturing into the supermarket alone, unless it's by choice and your only escape from a noisy family or irritating other half, is a joyless experience, reduced to a shadow of its former self. You can sit through a weepie romcom with barely a flicker, connecting emotionally as you would to watching a lawn getting mowed, and the death of an elderly relative can bring a temporary heavy heart yes, but the real tearjerkers aren't the huge sad moments or highly emotional events. While wrestling with the grocery shop could hardly be called a fun activity, and as romantic as cleaning the toilet, it's a shared experience all the same, with mutual benefit. As far as we know The strangest things bring a tear to your eye when you're single. You do it together, from opening and closing endless cupboards to check stock levels, composing (and arguing over) the shopping list and trundling around the aisles with a trolley to lugging it home and unpacking, cursing at whatever you left behind amid the piles of carrier bags at the checkout. Unless you're unlucky to be partnered up with a congenitally lazy retail-avoider, the weekly shop is a team event.reunion special as Jes felt that her connection with the rocker was not nearly as strong as the bond between Michaels and Heather.

Nevertheless, he got lucky the second time around as he chose Ambre Lake, the , an idea that wouldn't make sense since Michaels is now taken.On the other hand, Bret Michaels remains open to do other types of reality shows, particularly one that would follow his life on the road, claiming that it would be far more colorful than any catfights or mud bowl on .It has landed at number 30 on Billboard's Top Independent albums chart after peaking at number 4.As part of the album's promotion, Michaels will be going on several tours. They want to hear rock again; they want to go out and party and have fun," Michaels said."You want to go to a summer concert and not watch a band staring at its shoes for six hours and complaining. has wrapped up, winner Ambre Lake can finally speak out about dating Bret Michaels.