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We have all been in the place in our lives where dating normal, everyday people just isn't giving us everything we need spiritually, physically and mentally.

I've been around the block with dating guys who still live with their parents, guys who are in their thirties and live with three other roommates, guys that mooch off their friends, family and girlfriends and call that making a living, etc.

The truth is, unless you keep a social circle that is filled with brainy types, it's not highly likely that you will end up with someone who is smart.

As a single parent and a college student myself, I felt it was time to try something different and try my luck with dating a smart man for once in my life.

When I found out about Brainiac Dating online service, I went to smart guy heaven.

Intelligent Men's Club After taking a brief tour and doing all of the routine things such as filling out basic information for my profile and signing up for free membership, I began my search for the first smart guy I have ever dated.

I found, to my great surprise, that there were a lot of men in my area that claimed to be intelligent.

Now, considering that almost every man I have ever had the pleasure of dating also thought he was highly intelligent while living with his Mom and Dad, I found out quickly that these men actually had the credentials to prove their worthiness to be called smart.

Through some emailing and cordial chat room conversations, I soon found my interest in dating more intelligent men to know longer be a desire, but a must-have.

Membership Singing up is free but new users would have to wait to have their profile approved.

It was a little frustrating at first because when I signed up, I thought my profile was never going to be approved because the things I put there do not make me look like an intelligent person.