Bradley james dating angel

Bradley James is an English actor from Exeter, Devon.

This is probably because Bradley James is a private individual who likes to keep his relationships away from the glaring scrutiny involved in his celebrity actor lifestyle. Bradley James is an actor best known for his role as King Arthur in the BBC television series .One theory on who he shares his bed with points to his co-star Angel Coulby - who plays the role of Queen Guinevere.Although it is not unheard-of for co-stars to fall in love on set (Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn anyone?), I think this is just a lazy piece of tabloid gossip-mongering.A more credible relationship that may have existed was that between Bradley James and the Scottish actress Georgia King.

The two have been pictured together, and King was reported to have posted some comments on social media website Twitter that suggested they were in fact an item.

Interestingly, the backlash from female fans of Bradley James (in reaction to King's Twitter comments) was so vitriolic and hateful that the actress decided to close her Twitter account.

In my opinion, it is because of the behaviour of fans like these that so little is known about the private lives of celebrities like Bradley James.

Born on 11th October, 1983 in Devon, England and educated at Madeley High School, he is famous for Merlin in a career that spans 2008–present.

Bradley has many habits with which he torments the cast and crew of Merlin, ranging from the mildly irritating -- his habit of drawling everyone's surnames disparagingly when mocking them -- to the truly infuriating -- a boyish love of pranks which absolutely refuses to be quashed, not even by occasional tears (Angel) or near-constant death glares (Katie) or raised eyebrows of disapproval (Richard). Colin is grateful that the darkness hides the small smile he can't resist.

His insistence on demanding Top Five lists from people at all times falls somewhere in the middle, and Bradley knows this, but it's something he can't help. "I mean, I'm not scared of it, or anything," he blusters, "I would just rather be able to... Usually it's Bradley chasing everyone else around with the things they're scared of -- rubber snakes, dead fish, books with broken spines (yeah, Katie is a bit weird).