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) a PUA newbie for unsuccessfully using a difficult and ponderous Brad P opener on a girl buddy I know, and by association criticized the opener as well.

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He talks slow and deep and captures the chick’s attention, uses massive pauses in his delivery to build suspense, etc.But most guys who read it online just spit it out as fast as they can because they’re worried the girl will leave if they don’t get to the punchline as fast as possible, which sounds to the girl like he’s “all over the place”.Brad P does it in a challenging, accusing (breaking rapport) way.Guys trying to copy just based off his text do it in an approval seeking, needy way.You can hear his delivery in his “The Underground Dating Seminar” which is one of the better “no fuzzy hats and black nailpolish” PUA products out there in my opinion.

He actually sounds like a cool chill guy when he talks and you can see why the things he says work for him. ” and she goes “Isn’t that that Brad P line–” “No shut up. ”” He expects them to fall in line, and that’s why it works for him.One of his students asks “What if she calls you out on it? Women don’t walk away when you have your subcommunications down and exude alpha behavior (like the vibe that you EXPECT them to listen to you and answer you). Come here.” from across a room and just stare the girl down like you expect her to come over, and she will.Same time you can run a 5 minute opener and blab away like Russell Brand.When your subcommunications are down you can do pretty much anything you want. The trick is understanding that the routine isn’t magical, it’s what you’re displaying during the routine that affects things. I haven’t seen video of Brad P in action, but from what Ya Really writes, I can easily picture the horse opener working very well for him.Don’t get caught up in “canned” VS “improvised” Hang around for long periods of time with any of the naturally social people you know and you’ll find they all repeat their same stories to people (sometimes even to you, forgetting that they’ve told you before) with the same wording, emphasis, etc. His delivery sounds alpha: slow, steady and deep with requisite pauses to build suspense and eradicate the girl’s initial impulse to pigeonhole him as just another low value beta.Newbies take note: merely mouthing the words isn’t nearly enough.