Boy pakorn dating margie

Everyone in the acting group say “I miss you.” It’s normal and referenced to siblings.

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If we go just the two of us, we tell P’Tong so he can be at ease about it.

The fanclub goes and tell P’Tong that they want you and Margie to date in real life, are you afraid of offending him? But it’s fortunate that P’Tong works in the lakorn business, so he understands.

My relationship with Margie has never been a problem for P’Tong, for him to sulk about it.

Some people have an opinion, that you two are way too close I’m very close to Margie. For example, I want to see a movie that just got released but I would rather have to let Margie see it with P’Tong…since they are a couple.

The girls coming into your life, do they misunderstand? Some get straight to the point and ask me….’How about Margie? ’ I get that there’s so much news that perhaps people misunderstand.

The issue of Kim and Mark sending “missing you” messages, in the position of being a friend within the group, what do you think of the situation? In our group, we are close, but it’s nothing beyond that.