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“To bring single people together to make new friends and form relationships.

Some of the actors may not be that well known, but they certainly did a stand up job entertaining and making me laugh almost all the way through.The show has a serious side, but the comedy is definitely not forced.The families involved could only be described as different being nice and absolutely nutty being even nicer.If you have an open mind and want to be entertained definitely watch this show.I loved the show and really hope there is a second series.

Yes, apparently the earlier rumors were true -- James Getzlaff, the gay bachelor from Bravo's Boy Meets Boy, and Wes Culwell, the gay single that he selected at the conclusion of the series, are no longer presuming a relationship.with gay men and twists of its own, is getting raves from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.The organization’s spokesman says “[g]ays do not necessarily have to be protected from reality-dating show twists,” and says the show “is going to blur the boundaries of what is thought to be straight and what is thought to be gay in this country.” With the show’s twist–some of the male suitors will be straight men paid to pretend to be gay–show creator Douglas Ross, who is gay, tells the AP, “We have created a gay world where the straight guys are in the closet.” If the show’s star, James, a 32-year-old HR worker from LA, selects a straight man at the end, “the mate wins more than ,000.If he’s gay, James gets the cash,” Knight-Ridder reports.Hearing about the Bravo channel's newest reality show, "Boy Meets Boy" -- a six-episode gay dating show that debuts in July -- my initial reaction was one big "Ugh." A twist on "Joe Millionaire" and "The Bachelor," "Boy Meets Boy" secretly includes straight men among the pool of 15 prospects from which the gay contestant chooses.The leading man only finds out that some of the guys are straight halfway through the show, although he doesn't know which ones are.