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Flight attendants were extremely loud,chatting about their own personal issues at 7am while I was trying to get a little rest, then proceeded to start doing magic tricks. For some reason back of the plane was totally full and front of the plane was nearly empty with their assigned seats. We compile tonnes of data for you Our service lets you quickly and easily compare results from hundreds of travel sites at once.In this sense, KAYAK is a search engine and we can't guarantee prices we find. Prices on airline seats, hotel rooms and car rentals can change frequently.

If you have more questions or if you have a bad price to report to us, please send us an email and someone from our team will get back to you promptly.Hacker Fares sell tickets to/from a destination via different airlines and are subject to the booking requirements and terms of each.Any changes made to one of your tickets will not necessarily afford rights to change the other ticket.The flight was canceled and we did not have any compensation for the damage.I lost all my arrangements I had in boston during the day , my whole weekend was messed up because I was traveling only for two days.

not a damn thing Weather delays are a typical part of travel.

What's not typical are 5+ hour delays and sitting on the tarmac and watching your connection take off without you. The staff was well intended and did their best to help. 4 hours before my flight boarding time, I received an email notice that my flight would be delayed by 9 minutes.

First Class seats morphed into Economy center seats the next day, with nary a hotel room in sight. While I am sitting in the airport at the gate, at the new boarding time, there was no announcement- and no gate agent, but rather an email saying that the flight was delayed 2 hours.

They had no advance notice that the flight would be delayed until the flight was supposed to be boarding. A carry on bag should have been free like most other airlines.

There was no gate agent to handle the difficulties that presented to travelers. When you add on a .00 charge to carry on a small suitcase it makes the Spirit Tickets expensive especially considering the fact that most other airlines do not charge a carry on fee at all.

This unecessary carry on charge for a bag is why I will not fly with Spirit Airline again because you are not really saving any money at all compared to most other airlines which hopefully Spirit will realize one day. At KAYAK we don’t set the prices, so it’s not possible for us to guarantee what other companies are selling.