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Online dating is somehow radically different from German encounter in the real world.Myths aside, the main reason is not credible not really a major issue at all; there is a concern quite manageable if you are simply responsible for your actions.This is an important point in the relationship, because it is the first point where you share information that could reveal your identity.

You know that saying “age ain’t nothing but a number”?Well, that’s true for some people, but we don’t think everyone feels the same way, especially when it comes to dating.We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with dating someone older or younger than you – there’s not!But when the person you’re dating is a different age than you, it tends to get people talking.Lately, we’ve heard a lot of girls say that dating older guys is the way to go and we have to wonder… We spotted this post in the message boards and found that a lot of you girls feel like older guys are better.

Read what these girls had to say and then let us know: should a girl always date an older guy? rhythm said: A few reasons.1) girls mature faster than boys, physically & mentally.2) through evolution, women can only have 1 baby at a time.So, women seek a perfect mate — stable, mature, responsible, wealthy. However young men can have a million babies at once, just by getting lots of girls pregnant.”Women mate wisely, men mate widely.”3) older men are freakin’ sexier. Nothing is nicer than a man who knows how to control himself, who knows what women want, and who knows how to take his sweet time making sweet love to you.Just to be the rotten apple of the bunch, I don’t see any reason to go for an older guy.Personally, when I see older men I see wrinkles, wisdom, and my father.When I see men my age I see potential, dreams, and someone to grow with. It’s way too stereotypical to say that all older men are more mature, more experienced and generally just a better boyfriend. There are plenty of younger dudes who are just as mature and experienced (if not more in some cases), and who are ready to be the perfect BF to some lucky girl. I’m not a big fan of experience and I honestly want someone who I can grow with, not someone who is already grown. I doubt I’d ever date someone much older than me and if I did it would have nothing to do with his age and honestly, his age would probably be THE barrier that separates us the most quite frankly. But there’s also nothing wrong with dating an older guy (as long as you’re not breaking the law).