Bing wallpaper not updating

I've recently updated my HTC Trophy 7 to Windows Phone 7.8. Yes, I've restarted the phone and also switched the lock screen provider.Now I am able to set the bing image of the day as my lockscreen wallpaper. Actually it has never changed until today, since I set it for the first time. After switching the provider back to bing, the new wallpaper get's shown. However I do not want to switch providers each and every day...My phone has WLAN access when I am at home during night and is connected through 3G when I am away. It may be possible that the background task that updates the lock screen has been turned off.

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The utility downloads and stores the digital images in the 'Pictures' folder and the short description for each photo is stamped in the lower part of the image.

If you are like me, you likely spend the majority of your day on a computer.

Why not make that screen you stare at all day a little easier to look at?

I used to periodically change my desktop wallpaper manually, until I discovered Bing Desktop.

Bing Desktop allows you to automatically update your desktop background every day to the same image currently featured on Bing.

Although I am a Google fan through-and-through, I have to admit that Bing’s interface — with its gorgeous featured images — is superior to Google’s plain interface. So, this way you get to enjoy Bing’s beautiful desktop images without having to interact with an inferior search engine.