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Beth Shak, the millionaire poker player whose ex-husband sued her over her 1,200-pair collection of designer shoes, has found love again.Shak’s been dating Bernstein wealth manager Mark Yadgaroff for about a year, and threw him a surprise 50th birthday party at Meatpacking restaurant Toro Friday night.The card shark flew in music diva Taylor Dayne to sing.

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Shak’s ex-husband, hedge funder Daniel Shak, sued in 2012 to force his wife’s pricey footwear collection to be sold off as marital property, but he eventually dropped the suit.

That, combined with her reputation as a World Series poker player, has made Mrs Shak something of a celebrity in the U. She has appeared on television to discuss her shoe habit, and is starting to design her own range of footwear.

Mrs Shak’s most expensive shoes are a pair of black and white cowboy boots once owned by Elizabeth Taylor.

She keeps them in a glass cabinet of their own with a framed picture of the actress on the wall above, although she refused to reveal how much they cost.

Asked if she has become addicted, she said: ‘I don’t have an addiction to shoes because they’re a want, and definitely not a need.’ Mrs Shak’s collection beats that of Mariah Carey, who reportedly owns 1,000 pairs.

But it’s smaller than Celine Dion’s, who is said to own around 3,000 – the same number collected by Imelda Marcos, the infamous first lady of the Philippines.Asked if she gets compared to Marcos, Mrs Shak laughed: ‘Yes, it’s so bad!Beth Shak (born November 8, 1969) is an American professional poker player, who has been playing professionally since 2004.She is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist as well as a shoe and handbag expert.Shak ran a private vintage designer clothing business for 10 years.Shak has appeared in the World Series of Poker, CBS, Playboy's Poker Tournament, "Aces & Angels" at the Playboy Mansion, YRB Magazine's "Rock It" fashion spread, Social Life magazine, Shoeholics magazine, Good Morning America, The View,'s You've Got, The Today Show and MTV Cribs.