Beth jackson online dating

His name was Mark and he lived in a college town about 120 miles northeast of Jackson. We became fast friends on the phone and he called every night.He made me laugh and remember what it was like to have a man in my life.I fell in love with him even though he never posted his picture.

Yep, I'm the blond personality with reddish brown hair. I would lay in bed and wait for that phone to ring,just thinking that he was a real night owl. He never wanted to come see me ,even though he claimed that he was in Jackson frequently on business.Like I said in the first sentence, I never caught the clues. He only e/mailed using his work address and closed me off on e/harmony. He told some whoppers too,things I believed at the time but now realize they were ridiculous. Told me he got burned badly in an accident and that's why he didn't want me to see his picture.Said he had thrown his wife out of the house when he caught her in bed with some surgeon who was their friend.Said he did that and then threw her clothes on the porch and changed the locks so she couldn't get back inside.He also said he owned a landscaping business and didn't advertise and I couldn't find him in the phone book...

How many people do you know who own a business and do that ? I don't like to google people,if they want to tell me something about themselves I want them to tell me with their own mouth. I wrote him for a while but then eventually moved on to another match.

My brother's college room mate lived in the same city as Mark lived while all this was going on.

Several months after Mark disappeared I got to talk to this room mate.

He told me that his wife was on a tennis team with Mark's wife and as far as he knew everything was fine and they were still married.

BUSTED I was also matched with a real estate developer from the same town as Mark.

This new match didn't work out for me but I did find out that Mark does not own a landscaping business.