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When somebody like Kevin Richardson leaves a group like the Backstreet Boys, everybody's all "hey buddy, you're still my fire, my one desire, we're just not sharing a dressing room anymore, except in our hearts," and everybody smiles because they want it that way.Justin outgrew NSync as smoothly as Beyoncé emerged from Destiny's Child; he just drew attention to the point where it seemed vaguely insulting to the others to pretend they were still a group.(Though when Justin brought the other guys in NSync onstage with him for the first time in years at his MTV Video Music Awards lifetime-achievement performance, he scooted them out of there even faster than Beyoncé did with Destiny's Child at the Super Bowl.) A song like "Be Fo Ur" is like if Justin kicked off his solo reign with "Cry Me a River," except instead of breaking up with a Britney clone in the video, he sang to models who looked like JC, Lance, Joey and/or Chris.

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But none of those guys felt obliged to renounce their old bandmates.Robbie Williams made history's noisiest boy-band exit until now — overnight he went from Take That to getting debauched at Glastonbury and wandering onstage with Oasis and eating drinking and shagging himself into a hairy rock & roll animal.Yet then he transformed right back into a pop smoothie, which was one of the many charming things about him (not that there's ever been anything non-charming about Robbie Williams).interview calling them "generic as fuck" and announcing he left to make "real music." There's never been a boy-band split like this one.Usually they're almost cartoonishly amicable, but Zayn seems to keep going out of his way to drop a little pissy tone into every petty detail.

He can't approach a microphone without explaining how he never wanted to be in the group, or he wanted to quit from the start, or he refused to even listen to their last album, or how they never let him talk in interviews.

In his new , back in the days Be Fo Ur he quit, leaving only Fo Ur of them to Be2Gether until their recent hi8Us.

Also the capitalized letters spell BFU, which possibly means he's sending a Big Fuck You to whoever he's singing about.

If only the song gave any clues about who that might be. "Say what you wanna say/Shame you won't say it to my face"?

You're so Zayn, you probably think this shade is about you?

This isn't how boy-band breakups are supposed to go.