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Seriously, this show is chock-full of smoke-shows whose names you probably don’t remember. —biceps.) And each person on has a very specific level of sexiness. This was our inspiration for today’s challenge, if you choose to accept.

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Secret SLC holds events every few months, and the project’s aim is to bring leaders together.“It allows a space for individuals and groups from various industries to ideate, collaborate and partner for the greater good of our city,” the website says.“Powerful relationships have an infinite capacity to cause change.Secret SLC is the stage, the space and the experience for those relationships to build.“Salt Lake City is a hub for passionate people depending on the success of the community to make dreams and careers happen.

Secret SLC is an event that holds the potential to stimulate positive growth with the support of local, driven and willing citizens who are anxious to improve our city.” This is why Salt Lake is so amazing.

The idea was my brainchild, but there is no chance it would be in existence if the other companies I asked to be involved weren’t interested when I pitched it to them.

At the beginning I was basically a stranger approaching companies I looked up to saying ‘Hey, I have this invite-only secret thing I want to do. ’ It wasn’t until the initial group of co-hosts got together that we fleshed out what in the world this was.

What I know through owning relationship companies and studying leaders and influencers is that if you want to make a big impact in this world, you absolutely must have powerful relationships,” she said.

“Secret SLC is the stage, the space, and the experience for those relationships to be built.”events are always curated for a specific group people.

“For instance, our last event was made for creatives, entrepreneurs, and small business owners,” she said.