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I think breaking my barriers about sex gave me a lot of freedom and I found that I was getting more and bolder about having sex outside my marriage. The husband about 48 years old was a successful businessman who was constantly on tours. She used to give me the looks of and on, but I disregarged them.

In my earlier stories, I had shared how I bedded by wife's friend & then the threesome we had. The family consisted of a husband, wife and their two children. She was around 40-42 years old as I stated earlier. She used to either wear tight clinging sarees with sleveless blouses or she would wear tight fitting dresses either Indian traditional or western.

I was looking for such relations and I also started finding such opportunities. I was transferred back to my home city and I was relieved a lot. After our experience with her friend, our sex life had also become very exciting. My wife used to go to work and my son used to go to school. The two children were about 18 years old (they were twins one boy and one girl) and were going to college. We had very good relations with the family and I was not going to do anything to spoil them. I said I will come in a minute and changed my clothers, closed my house and went to their house. She took me to the kitchen where she was trying to clean something.

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She was doing some work from home and was keeping herself busy. Since the children were also friendly with me, I was more like a guardian for the family. After about 20 mins, the lady rang my door bell again. She said, I was cleaning the shelf in the kitchen store and the whole shelf came down.We had very good relations with them and used to get together on holidays and festivals. I can’t put it back, do you have any tools, I asked? I put the shelf in its place and started fitting it.The children sometimes used to take my guidance for their studies and I also loved spending time with them getting to know The latest trends in music and electronic gadgets and we loved watching English movies together. The night before, I had a national tele-conference which went on till late so next day I had a off from work. She was standing next to me and holding the shelf when I was fitting it.The maid had also gone to her parent’s house for two days. I had just finished lunch and was sitting and watching some TV when the dorbell rang. The store was very large but it had no ventilation or fan. I was wearing a white sleveless T-shirt and it was clinging on to my body because of the sweat.I opened the door and saw that it was the next door lady. She was wearing the saree she normally wears and she was also sweating.

Her navel would normally be visible as she used to tie her saree very low on her waist.Her sleveless blouse was transparent and cligning on her body.This lady though 40-42 years old, looked around 35.She was not very well endowed but had reasonable big tits, a pert waist and well rounded hips. Till that day, I never had any wrong intentions about her.After, fitting the shelf, I turned to move out of the store.She was, standing right next to me and as I was turning, my hand brushed her breasts.