Automatically updating cells from sourcebook to link book in excel

I have multiple workbooks, each workbook contains one cell that links to a master workbook.They update correctly, even when I try to update the links the status says "ok." So, if the link works properly in each file, why do I keep getting the "one or more links cannot be updated" message??No, it is not difficult to just hit continue each time I open a workbook but I run a macro that pulls one sheet from each of these workbooks.

automatically updating cells from sourcebook to link book in excel-84

Charts and named ranges are often the root cause of the problem.The links work properly, it just references one cell in another workbook.I copied and pasted all the data into a new workbook, re-linked the cell, then hit save-as and wrote over the original file.When I re-opened the book, the links updated and the error message was gone.I don't know what is different in my original files but I can't do all of that copy and pasting for a hundred books...

Can you think of any settings that I may need to change?I understand that the links work properly - at least the ones that you know about.What I was offereing was a suggestion related to finding links that you don't know about, such as, as I said, references to named ranges that no longer exist.Did you try the tip I suggested from John Walkenbach's site? It is a very simple worksheet but I didn't create it, is there a way to check and see if there are charts?Also, there are no hidden sheets or workbooks and I do not know what "custom dialog" is. 2.) Do not get the message when the Source workbook is open, only when it is closed.3.) Ensured the Auto-calculate feature is checked in both sheets Sorry, those were 2 separate things that I tried, I re-linked by typing "=" then selecting the cell from the other book.I assume there isn't any of this either but mayber there is a way to check? The source book is open when I re-link it, no it hasn't moved since the links were created.