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I have read through all the forum posts regarding Dynamic block attributes not updating, but I have not seen an answer to my question.

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However, if I make a change to any blocks already inserted into the drawing, then all the constant attribute values disappear in the attext report. I have also included the block and attext template file.Does anyone know why the constant attributes disappear after a block edit?If you modify or replace an Auto CAD block, you may find the attribute definitions are not updated.Block Attributes are an integral component of nearly every Auto CAD-based project I’ve worked on.Beyond the ubiquitous title block, Block Attributes are commonly used for Room Tags, to display calculations, and more.

Whilst it isn’t too difficult to update a couple of Block Attributes, when the blocks to update ventures beyond that – the task quickly becomes as tedious as it is time-consuming.I’ve long wished Auto CAD had a command that would let you link a block to something like an Excel spreadsheet.Although that wish has never been granted, the next best thing exists in the form of Auto CAD’s Express Tools.Two of my favorite Express Tool commands are ATTIN and ATTOUT.Put simply, the commands will export Block Attribute values to a Tab-Delimited text file (ATTOUT), and update Block Attribute values from a Tab-Delimited text file (ATTIN).In the video above I demonstrate how to use these commands in tandem with Microsoft Excel to quickly renumber the room tags in a floor plan.