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• Episode #155 – Leslie / Ryan Leslie and Ryan had a banging dinner date where they bonded over being from the same town.Leslie hasn’t heard back from Ryan…could he be less social than her?

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• Episode #153 – Larry / Kate Larry just got out of a relationship and signed up for Tinder to meet new people…and he met Kate.

They went out for drinks, and it’s interesting what you can learn about people from their drink order.

• Episode #152 – Charlie / Natasha Charlie and Natasha met online and went out for dinner and drinks on their first date.

They talked about all kinds of topics during their time together…well Charlie did.

• Episode #151 – Mike / Tabitha Mike met Tabitha using Bumble, and discovered their mutual love of trivia on their first date.

Tabitha didn’t have a hard time remembering the answers to 80s trivia…but she has a hard time remembering to text Mike back.• Episode #150 – Mandy / Chris Mandy met Chris through a mutual friend and discovered they had tons of stuff in common on their first date, and even made plans to hang out again. but when we call, he sure has plenty to say • Episode #149 – Gavin / Tiffany Gavin thought his date went GREAT with Tiffany…like he was ready to put a ring on it. • Episode #148 – Ashley / Quintin After meeting on Tinder, Ashley was surprised at how much of a gentleman Quintin was on their first date.She thought it was a dream date…or was it more of a dream?• Episode #147 – Nick / Saundra Nick and Saundra matched on Tinder and had such a great time that he spent the night.Nick left pretty early the next morning, and hasn’t heard from Saundra since, so who’s ghosting who?• Episode #146 – Ken / Justine They say there are certain topics you should avoid on a first date, and Ken did not give an eff about that list.