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titled "Shadow," and listening to it now, America really should have known better.

“I was stuck inside a broken life I couldn't wish away / She was beautiful / She had everything and more / And my escape was hiding out and running for the door,” she sings in the song’s first verse.

It was personal, a plea to let the kid sis with the dyed black hair her be freed from expectations created through connection to her blonde, more famous sister.’ growing audience—and the increasing fame of Jessica—but this was still a victory for the younger Simpson.

She’d sold as many copies of her album in a week than Jessica did in several months.

Ashlee had taken the first important step beyond living in that shadow.

On October 23, 2004, ten years ago this week, Ashlee took yet another step.

Unfortunately, this one was more of a jig, meant to distract from the fact that she was just caught lip-syncing on Watching the clip above, it's hard not to experience secondhand embarrassment.

The lip sync is just cringeworthy now as it was then.Having performed—er, "performed"—her hit single "Pieces of Me" earlier in the show, Ashlee was set to do "Autobiography." However, the vocal track that played instead was for "Pieces." No sound came out of her mouth.She did a feeble dance to cover up the mistake, but the damage was done.In an instant, Ashlee had made sure she would not just be known as Jessica's little sister any more.She'd be known as the columnist Lisa de Moraes went so far as to compare it to Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl earlier that year.Ashlee had trouble recovering—most notably suffering a booing crowd after a very live and very off-key rendition of her song "La La" at the 2005 Orange Bowl.