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As if you shouldn’t look for a relationship until you’ve achieved all you wanted to in life. But, in looking at the Christian story, you see that people were actually made for relationship. The first words out of his mouth ever are, “At last!

He has always been Trinity — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This whole Story began with something We’re constantly told to find someone who will make us happy. (I’m not suggesting that “the one” exists, but you get the point.) It’s totally against human nature to be comfortable putting yourself out there, even within the context of a relationship.While that’s true to an extent — of course you shouldn’t be with someone who makes you miserable — human emotions (like happiness) are fickle. Our culture values that blasé, play-it-cool attitude that tells you to wait eight hours to text back.You’ll wake up one day and you won’t feel that overwhelming passion to be with the person you couldn’t take your eyes off of yesterday. But that thinking is so contrary to how Christians would interact were they modeling themselves after, well, Christ.For most of my dating life, I haven’t been a Christian. This is particularly true for dating as a Christian, which, from the outside (eh, from the inside, too), can look weird.So, I dated the way a lot of people do — I played mind games, tried to care about the other person less so I had the upper hand, and avoided any kind of real commitment. It goes against our natural inclinations, not to mention much of what pop culture teaches us about dating. But, the Christian perspective is a bit different, at least when it comes to the bigger picture, which has implications for relationships and dating.

My relationships were about me, and my happiness, and inflating my ego. And, as with every other part of my life, I had to rethink how I looked at dating and relationships. So, here are five ways dating as a Christian is (theoretically) different from modern dating: Romantic comedies — really pop culture more broadly — would have you believe the person you date should worship you: you should be the air that person breathes, the reason for his or her existence. In an article titled “Jesus Is Ruining My Love Life,” the author (not a Christian) writes about being in tears when her boyfriend admits rather unashamedly to loving Jesus more than he loves her.Now, it’s certainly not the case that I don’t fall into those old dating habits — I do, and far too often. While that’s hard to hear — and difficult to live out — Christians believe it. reorienting your worldview to reflect the Christian narrative is no small task, especially if your entire way of being was more or less the opposite for 20-plus years.God doesn’t exactly stutter when he tells people to put him above all else — it’s his first commandment, and Jesus echoes him in Luke and Matthew .Christians stray from modern dating conventions by not treating any human relationship as the be-all and end-all. Really, it’s comforting to know that when your significant other fails you, or if the entire relationships fails, you don’t lose your source of worth.When society isn’t saying that your significant other should worship the ground you walk on, it’s telling you to focus on yourself, your success, your career — all of it starts to sound rather anti-relationship.