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A pensioner is either an ‘out pensioner’ if he or she resides in a private home and receives a pension or an ‘in pensioner’, also known as a Chelsea pensioner, if he or she resides at the hospital and surrenders his pension to the hospital.

WO 22 - Royal Hospital Chelsea: returns of payment of Army and other pensions 1842-1883 52,192 images In this series, you will find documents related to pensions paid by the Royal Hospital Chelsea.

The date of admission to out-pensioners will give you an indication as to when your ancestor retired from the armed forces.

WO 23 - Royal Hospital Chelsea: admission books, registers, and papers 1702-1876 37,347 images This series was created to administer pensions payable by the commissioners of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea, to both in-pensioners and out-pensioners.

These superannuation books recorded your ancestor’s rank, department or regiment, date of commencement, rate of pension paid, and payment dates.

Findmypast’s browse search gives you the opportunity to explore pages of The National Archive’s military records by each piece.

This is an excellent research for both genealogists and military historians.

The British Army service records image browse comprises ten archival series from The National Archives.The collection includes a myriad of Army forms including attestation papers, medical forms, discharge documents, pension claims, and proceedings of regimental boards.The attestation form was completed when the soldier joined the regiment and was updated throughout his military career.This, together with other papers found in soldiers files can help piece together a very detailed picture of an individual.Six series are related directly to the Royal Hospital Chelsea and were created to administer pensions.The hospital, opened in 1682, is a retirement home for pensioners and administrative office for the British Army.