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As you leave us, I would like you to know how much we, the facultv' and staff, appreciate your accomplishments as scholar, artist, athlete and leader — as individuals. Each of us is focusing our personal journeys in extremely different ways, but we come here today as one graduating class to begin the next phase of our lives.You have enriched our lives and have helped the universits" reach new levels of distinction and esteem. In addition to gathering together now, we share a time period that others cannot Rilly comprehend as we do or claim as their own.

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I hope that you will return to campus often, continue to support us, and help new generations of students shape their flitures as you have yours. They ^^^^...^ spend a semester or more doing what Terps do best: taking care of business in a distinctive and determined way. For weeks afterward, I periodically dash out of my of Ece looking for these life-savers and they are nowhere to be seen. We have relied on each other and created a community on which to depend in times of need and with whom to celebrate in times of excitement. Kendall 34 University System of Maryland Board of Regents Senior Class Gift Presentation Mr. Brad Polsky "04 Senior Council Presentation of University Medal Dr. Christine Snnt '04 Graduating Senior Musical Selection Sei'enly-Six Tromboties by Meridith Wi Uson arr.

Please consider joining us on April 30 next year for Maryland Day 2005. You have my very best wishes for all your endeavors. They've gone on to distinguish themselves and their alma mater in their chosen fields. Computer Science 311 Most popular master's programs 1 . Our strength revolves around our individuality and compassion. Antoci University Chaplain Episcopal/ Anglican Campus Ministry National Anthem Ms. by Leroy Anderson The Symphonic Wind Ensemble Introduction of Speaker Ms. Elizabeth Hundey '04 Commencement Speaker Selection Committee Address The Honorable Tom Ridge Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security University of Maryland Alumni Association Induction Alan Casoii'80 President, University of Maryland Alumni Association Message to the Graduates Dr. Love for the Black and Gold Deep in our hearts we hold. I i Floor Seating Arrangement for Graduates ii) Cnmcait Center STAGE m AGRl CULTLf RE ARCHITECTURE BEHAVIORAL & SOCIAL SCIENCES PUBUC AFFAIRS MARSHALS LIF£ SCIENCES ARTS & HUMANITIES INDIVIDUAL STUDIES FACULTY ft 1^ STAFF ^M HEALTH & HUMAN PERFORMANCE INFORMATION STUDIES J JL JOURNALISM SPRING COMMENCEMENT SCHEDULE OF EVENTS The campus-wide commencement ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 20 at 7 p.m.

But I rarely lose track of them completely — they each receive a one-year complimentary membership in the Alumni Association. It is our graduation gift to you and it comes with heart-felt congratulations. We have learned both to express ourselves and convey our enthusiasm and allegiance to the university. Mote Conferring of Doctoral, Master's and Bachelor's Degrees Dr. Mabbs Recessional Symphonic Wind Ensemble Flowers grown in the utiiuersity greenhouse by the Department of Natural Resource Sciences and Lantiscape Architecture. MATHEMATICAL & PHYSICAL t SCIENCES ENGINEERING EDUCATION Alma Mater Hail! at the Comcast Center, with graduation exercises for individual college and schools taking place on Friday, May 2 1 .

COMMENCEMENT MAY 20 C^-' 2 1 , 2004 UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND U^^^Cl3S^ 003 TABLE OF CONTENTS University of Maryland Commencement ■ May 20 & 21, 2004 2 Congratulations from the President 3 Message from the Alumni Association 4 Message from the Senior Council 5 Ortlcr of Commencement 6 Schedule of Events 7 Campus Map 8 The University of Maryland 11 Customs of Conuiienceinent 13 Commencement Speaker 14 University Medalist 15 Graduating Student Speaker 16 Candidates for May Graduate Degrees 35 Candidates for May Undergraduate Degrees 72 Honors and Scholars 80 Student Marshals 81 Academic and Special Awards 87 Honor Societies 92 Athletic Awards 94 University Officials 96 Commencement Staff BEST WISHES AND CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL GRADUATES M ongratulations on the complerion of your degree!

Earning a university degree M is a milestone in your life, and you and your family and friends should be very ^^^^,„,^r proud of your accomplishment.

I predict that in the years to come, you will appreciate increasingly the education you have received at Maryland.You have learned the current theories that underlie your field, and you have also learned how to formulate your ideas.You may have thought that you were coming here to get your questions answered, but by now you have probably realized that you actually came here to question your answers. Computer Science 19 Dt Ua Source: H'arehoiise airrnit dak Office of histitulional Research and Platwing Although graduation is believed to be a time of ending, com- mencement litera Dy means beginning.The University of Mars'land has offered you opportunities to develop your interests and extend your horizons. We are celebrating a new start in which we more fblly mature into the skills, talents, experiences, and personalities we have uncovered and developed in the past few years.Your experiences here wi U start you on the course of your life. Graduation is a time for recogniz- ing all of our accomp Hshments.You have also made friends and found mentors, and they too wl U enrich your lite in ways that no one can predict today, other than that it will happen. It is a time for looking into our pasts to see from where we have come, admiring who we are today, and imagining our potential.