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i Carly introduces a new feature—called the Blab Cam—where viewers can chat with Sam and Carly on the air.

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Freddie and Valerie have a good first date and become inseparable for the next week. Valerie then asks him to help her do a webshow on the same day as i Carly, causing Freddie to quit the show. Freddie: Yup, we've gone out every night this week. He hires Jeremy as i Carly's new tech producer, but Jeremy messes up the show with his constant sneezing, and ends up sneezing a piece of tissue he stuffed in his nose at Sam's face. Is Freddie there because I--[Sam slams door shut] Carly: I said to stall her! I'd say we're almost officially boyfriend and girlfriend. After the disastrous i Carly episode, Valerie admits to Sam that she was just trying to ruin i Carly and establish her own show as the best show on the web. She said that she would call the web-show 'Val and Sam' or 'Sam and Val' if she wanted to. Sam fakes interest, but immediately tells Carly about it, and they both give the news to Freddie.

At first, he doesn't believe them, but when he confronts Valerie about it, she admits it. He returns in time for the i Carly webcast but unfortunately says that he didn't say he was coming back. Spencer: [singing] I'm cookin', cookin' things, cookin' things for people to eat, I'm cookin', cookin' things, things that people will cheeeeeeew!

Surprised, the girls ask why, and Freddie says that Sam doesn't treat him like he is important to the show.

After Sam tells him he is important to i Carly, he returns as i Carly's tech producer.

Without Freddie's help, Valerie fails miserably with her show, The Valerie Show. Freddie: I don't even know if I should take her out.

Sam: Just take the girl out, kiss her, and then stand back before she pukes on you. Benson: Freddie, tell her [implying Sam] the rule about standing up straight.

Freddie: You won't get respect if your back's not erect.[Sam spits out a mouthful of watermelon] Mrs. [quickly turns to Carly] Unless Carly changes her mind.