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A Microsoft-based Android phone may not be for everyone, but it seems more than likely we'll see one soon.

Anytime you see the words Microsoft and Android in the same sentence suggesting a new products, fans will come out of the woodwork to remind everyone of that dark time four years ago when Verizon forced Bing on a bunch of phones.

In the minds of these users, the event was followed by a grand angry rebellion that banished Bing to the Netherspire and restored Google to its rightful place at the top of our phones and tablets.

The people had spoken, Microsoft had been defeated, and there's no need to consider ever going down that dark road again.

The truth is a little less exciting, with Google inviting manufacturers to participate in legally binding agreements that ensured Google search sat atop everything in exchange for access to the Play Store, but the end result isn't all that different.

Microsoft could make its own phone without access to the Google Play Store, but that usually ends poorly for everyone involved.