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TVLINE | When did you decide that Dan would be Gossip Girl?I don’t think we ever had another choice in our mind.

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Maybe it was more fun for everyone to know who Gossip Girl was and be able to speculate and come up with your own ideas.

TVLINE | It’s no surprise that fans are now combing through six years of episodes looking for inconsistencies — like scenes where Dan was alone reading Gossip Girl’s blasts and looking surprised. We didn’t want to lean in too heavily to that idea. It was nothing that we wanted to be part of Penn Badgely’s performance as Dan.

Or something that we wanted viewers to be actively thinking about.

We were hoping to have a nice long run and we didn’t want people to be preoccupied by the question of, “Who is Gossip Girl? The Nate story we wanted to tell was that Dan allowed him to break the Gossip Girl story, which helped jumpstart The Spectator.

” So we held reins loosely and didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that one of our main characters might actually ] I don’t think I’m asking that. And to see Nate at a place in the future where he was successful and focused on work.

He didn’t have any crazy partners or distracting girlfriends.We’re seeing him come into his own as a young man and a real player in the New York scene.TVLINE | What was the significance of Chuck and Blair naming their child Henry?That was what Chuck renamed himself when he was shot.TVLINE | Why was it important for you to show that Chuck and Blair had become parents?It seemed like the ultimate coming together of their union and their future.