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AMOS The Creator is like nothing you've evçr seen before on the Amiga. rcaüy in eontro) of your computer, and able to harness its awesome power to impress yourself and your friends. Visionary January Amiga Computing Turn your wildest dreams into *fl *fl C stand alone adventures .113 Presentation Master Meetings will never be the same again. •••• •• I 33 Home Accounts Even the most financially inept can control their cash with this package.. Automatic hyphenation lets you produce a well spaced page layout without the bother of manually putting in soft hyphens.

Radically In part two of our in-depth survey, r q we take a hard look at the hardware......30 Amiga Update Refined or just repackaged? Defenda captures all the urgency of the original and adds a certain something of its own! Experienced programmers ( many of them not ordinary at all) have been prototyping applications in Can Do for the sake of expediency and finding as often as not that there's little left to do when they get through. Protext 5.5 introduces enhanced text formatting options.

the biggest-seüing productivity package for the Amiga. FASTCAT Link your Amiga to a friend's with this powerful utility DISKCAT Which disk was that PD soil acidity predictor on? SHORTCUT Customise your DOS, using hot keys and menus to save time and trouble. Standard Dir Util Features * copy, move, rename, delete, and archive Tiles * create new directories 9 copy, format and install disks * read and print files Special Features * Over 100 configurable buttons and menus 9 Runs programs and Launches C'an Do decks * Shows pictures, brushes, fonts and icons * Shows ANIMs and Anim Rrushes 9 Plays 8SVX sounds and Sound Tracker files * Memory resident with hot key access iconifiable * Complete directory tree and history 9 Online help for all Opus features * Complete Arexx support and all 2.0 Screen modes Only £ 39.00 * TOO MUCH MORE TO LIST.!

Almanac Whatever you use your Amiga for, the most lucid specialist writing is right Public Sector Cut the cost with our round-up of the best in PD ..... Round-up of rental and sell-thru videos, plus Christmas movies on Sky ESP Exra with another bumper bundle of your mail ....

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especiaüy ourscivos with the best-seüing Fun Schoo! Maodock GROUP AD MANAGER iane Conway * SWORAPSAIES AD SALES john Derr viire Sift6flte» Rvih Pricflk'j AD PRODUCTION M*tio r icgefid MARKETING MANAGER Neil Dj Vir. 0U1Q£B££S Aauga Czmp&ty*Atahtf Uu »K 7caay Mtt MH Stopper • Tne Unto Utet Cmcr X • j Ur u A£U3a • S7 Acum Crab • Lapp • Srpo bra Computer node Wcck EDITOR Ea&Mctodricfc AST EDITOR Tpleocy Fea Yu RB EDITOR Paul Austin NEWS EDITOR Idhrt Bu Ctfi TECHNICAL EDITOR Stifr.-ae Kennedy PRODUCTION EDITOR Pm; Morse GAMES EDITOR julian Boaroman STAFF WRITER Ojaid Whiahad EDITORIAL ASSISTANT janaman. nf c am.' AMOS has aiso proved to bc perfect for producing CDTV packages: The Complete Works of Winiam Shakespeare. MINESWEEPER A subtle and clever puzzle game, proving that sim ple is always best. Switchable between 1.3 and 2.04 you can get all the benefits of the latest A5QQ Plus without the drawback of losing some of your favourite software. Kickstart ROM 1.3 chip only £29.99 Order Hotline "hoenix 1 Mb RAM modules come in either 512K, 1Mb or • -• copulated configurations. 12.5 Mhz-50 Mhz Asynchronous MCW661RC or MC66W2RC A500016 RAM 4 Meoabytes Of32-0.1 RAM 256 x 4 90ns DRAMs B5000-25 HAM 16 Megabytes of 32-brt RAM 1024 x 4 80ns DRAMs 05000-40 RAM 32 M*g*byt*4 Of 32-ft.l RAM 1024 4 80ns ORAMs SHADOW ROM Move your Kickstart into 32-b.t SUPER-FAST-Ra M SOFTWARE: 66000 Fallback mode for 100% software comp«i&uity HARDWARE: 100% Compatible with Amiga 5002000 and add-on cards INTERFACE 1 Plugs into 88000 processor socket inside jrouc Amiga INTERFACE 2 A B2000 Co-processor (Zorroll) card (for 85000-40 only) B5000-40 (Price includes 4Mb RAM A5000-16 (Price includes Imb RAM B5000-25 (Price includes I Mb RAM (All prices inclusive of VAT) SOLID STATE LEISURE LIMITED mm JANUARY 1992 WHO'S WHO REGULARS Our technical team gently guide you - -j CDESIGNER Now you can save hours with this utility designed to create screens, windows and menus in C. Unpopulated only £16.99 512K populated only £39.99 1Mb fully populated only £49.99 Kickstart ROM1.3 2.04 sharer Because some older Games and Business software will not run on the new Kickstart 2.04 ROM Phoenix have designed asharer for both ROM chip sets. • B5000-25 Faster than the CBM A3000-25 • * 500-1000% Faster than your Amiga • • Massive 4-$ 2Mb Qf $ uperfa$ t memory • • 100% Software compatibility • • Plug-in up to a 50 Mhz Maths Co-Pro • • B5000 has advanced 32-bit Paged-Mode design • t 32-bit Kickstart five ten times faster • • Three models - A5000-16 B5000-25IB5000-40 • • THE MACHINES • A5000-.67 Mhz Asynchronous MC68020RC 24 MIPS (8 MIPS peak) B5000 25 2500 Mhz Asynchronous MCS8030RP 5-6 MIPS (12 MIPS P*4k) B5000-40 4000 Mhz Asynchronous MC68636RP 6-S MIPS (18 MIPS peak) FPU. created using AMOS because of its versatmty and ease of use. A500 Plus mb RAM modules The Phoenix 1mb RAM expansion is available either unpopulated, populated to 512K or fully populated to 1Mb. The Phoenix Ram will fit simply into the trap door expansion port without any modification and Will Not invalidate your warranty. TRADE ENQUIRIES WELCOME IS YOUR AMIGA STILL IN THE STONE AGE?