Alycia lane booker still dating

Well, it seems the 11 o'clock news is just a magnet for scandal, as Lane's former co-anchor Larry Mendte was temporarily taken off air Sunday following an investigation by the U.

The filing does not contain any e-mails Lane exchanged with Wragge, who also declined to discuss the case.Lane raised suspicions about a romance with Eisen in 2007 when she e-mailed him bikini shots of herself on the beach - that were intercepted by his wife, sports reporter Suzy Shuster. A foxy Philly anchorwoman – who once e-mailed sexy swimsuit snaps to a married TV talking head – became an anger woman yesterday, calling a female cop a “dyke bitch” and slugging her in the face, law-enforcement sources said. Alycia Lane, who leapt into the national spotlight after sending bikini pictures of her self to a married coworker and then assaulting a police officer a short time later, has a new job.She'll be joining current boyfriend Chris Booker at his new gig as a disk jockey for Los Angeles radio station AMP.

From Philly Predictions that Alycia Lane would be lucky to land a Sunday morning public affairs show on the Dayton ABC affiliate after the crap...

Read Full Story He was under investigation, fired and is now being charged with hacking into the e-mail account of his much younger co-anchor, Alycia Lane .

Former TV newscaster Larry Mendte was charged Monday by federal prosecutors who say he gained access to Lane's home and work e-mail accounts for more than two years.

Prosecutors have yet to release Mendte's motive for snooping, but Lane's attorney says it was all out of jealousy. She’s the former anchor of KYW-TV in Philadelphia who was fired in January after being arrested for scuffling with a New York City police officer and allegedly sending pictures of herself in a bikini to a married sports anchor.

Not only was Lane the more attractive anchor (obviously! Well, it seems Lane feels her former station was out to get her, and she’s filing suit against them. In response to a question about how Alycia handles all of the press about her beauty, she basically insults all of Philly:"I mean, in Miami I was the ugly duckling,' she says. The women there are incredible."In other words, in Miami she's a normal girl, but in Philly, compared to all this Philly girls, she's a babe.

Lane says the station maliciously damaged her reputation and contributed to a number of embarrassing off-camera episodes to benefit from... The ex co-anchor for Philadelphia's KYW nightly news that was fired last year after assaulting a police officer? The television station released a statement Sunday stating their cooperation with an investigation currently being conducted by the FBI.