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Wek, 35, who revealed this during an interview with Sowetan, is in the country to shoot a commercial for Amarula, which is due to be flighted in South Africa and other countries.

Local fashion line Lunar, founded by fashion designer Karen Ter Morshuizen, dressed Wek for the advert.

Wek, who was born to a housewife mother and an education official father, said she was currently not dating and swore that her only present family was her dog. And coming from a big family, my mother asks me about it all the time.

I find a lot of similarities between the two countries in that way." The former North African refugee who is now a British citizen says going back to her country to celebrate independence was one of the most exciting moments in her life. - "South Africa is wonderful in many ways than one.It is such a warm country, with warm people who are united despite coming from different tribes.I find a lot of similarities between the two countries in that way." - big ups to this woman.......This is all I can say, apartheid really accomplished its goal.All I see from the comments is black people practicing self hate, because we have been taught that black is bad, stupid, ugly, etc and white is all good.

We have sisters who still apply skin lightners because they believe that being light skinned is better than being dark skinned.It really is a sad state of affairs and I'm disppointed in us as a people.Black is beautiful and we should be proud of who we are.and she's is yall"s African Queen, the girl of yall's dreams.Alek Wek eluded a war zone to blow the catwalk and transmute the meaning of being beautiful.Today’s fashion trailblazer Alek Wek never had a smooth life since her childhood.