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It already existed more than half of year from I started buying JAV service. So suggest you guys just buy extmatrix premium membership. [20/08/2014] Fileom seems in big debt and look like they will be closed soon. So guys who bought their premium can try to ask your credit card publisher for more detail. So I advise guys not to buy their premium in these days. [20/07/2014] Good news for customers who buy more than 20 DMM titles "in one order". Just invite your friends to join with you together.

I'm truely grateful for those people who support me to keep this service alive. Just like I said before, no file host could stay forever. Maybe it's time to think more about what style of this blog should be. I will see how it going in next few days to decide whether to use them as usual. These customers will get half price discount on their next order. The limited period for placing next order must be in one month.

But the truth is there are not many people want to use it. But even in this situation I still don’t want to give up. To be honest, it's really hard to maintain this blog alive with such unstable condition. This discount doesn't include the size fee and service fee. About how many titles you can put on the next order being with the half price discount, right now it's unlimited.

It make me can’t afford the server’s payment for long term. So here’s new plan for those people who really need this service and want to keep it alive. I start considering to focus on buying JAV service to be the major method to keep this blog alive. So catch this opportunity if you have many DMM titles want to buy. Here just remind you that normal discount for DMM, HQ only need 15USD and HD only need 20USD, still available.

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