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‘s angstiest super-couple, Eli (Munro Chambers) and Clare (Aislinn Paul) are no strangers to drama.But their relationship may be putting on its final act in the near future, Munro tells Hollywood, as the two continue to drift apart.“They’ve been having a lot of problems lately,” Munro points out.

“Or things may get even better [for Eli and Clare],” he says.“I don’t know if their relationship is going to crash in a good or bad way. Hopefully I'll continue to work with Free the Children as well. It can be completely over the top and cross the line sometimes, but I think sometimes it's even more fun reading people parodying you rather than complimenting you. I hope I can get through it while balancing the show. I really hope that high school goes well because I'm doing a tough program.

's Melinda Shankar (Alli Bhandari) and Sam Earle (K. Guthrie) stopped by J-14 offices to talk all about the upcoming 9th season of Degrassi, which premieres this Friday, October 9, on Teen Nick!

Melinda and Sam let J-14 in on a few secrets and their fave story lines, plus Melinda told us all about the crazy trauma she had to deal with at her real life school!

J-14: Can you let J-14 in on a few secrets from Degrassi's new season?

Melinda Shankar: Alli wears a lot more clothes at home then when she goes out -- she goes to the bus shuttle or bathroom every morning and takes them off.

She has mini skirts, tank tops, and high heels -- I don't even know how she brings them all -- I'm impressed by this girl!

So believe it or not, you see even less clothes on Alli this season.