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A new treatment for major depression - and possibly other maladies, including pain and post-traumatic stress disorder - seems as effective as the alternatives, with lower cost and fewer side effects.

Psychiatrists say TMS is showing much promise in preliminary studies.

Until four years ago, psychiatrists had only two options for treating major depression: drugs and electroconvulsive therapy (ETC), formerly known as electroshock.

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Surprisingly, ECT, which passes an electric current through the brain, is considered to be safer than drugs for patients with many physical illnesses, but it also has a steep downside of its own: A course of ECT can wipe out crucial memories like Ajax scouring out a sink.

Most psychiatry textbooks write that a first trial of an antidepressant is effective only 60 percent of the time.

ECT is generally said to be effective 70 percent to 80 percent of the time.

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